From: David Howells
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 08:48:54 EST

Hi Andrew,

Please don't apply the rwsem-scale patch as is. It has a race in it.

The problem is this: once the waiting flag has been cleared in a struct
rwsem_waiter by __rwsem_do_wake() [waiter->flags = 0;], the waiter record is
liable to being deallocated by the down_*() function that allocated it exiting
and the stack space holding that record being reclaimed.

So envision this:

(1) A bunch of processes running on an SMP machine try to down_read() an
rwsem, but are forced to wait.

(2) The one of these processes is on another waitqueue for some reason or

(3) The current holder of the rwsem performs an up_write(), which observes
that the rwsem has waiters and invokes __rwsem_do_wake().

(4) The algorithm grabs the rwsems's spinlock, moves the batch of
processes that added themselves in (1) to its wakeup list and marks them
all as "woken".

(5) The algorithm adjusts the semaphore "counter" and drops the spinlock.

(6) An interrupt happens on the CPU doing this causing it to go and do stuff
for a while (it could even go and awaken some of the processess on the
wake-up list built in (4)).

(7) Something on a different CPU triggers the alternate waitqueue mentioned
in (2). This wakes up one of the processes linked into the wake-up list.

(8) That process then continues running: it leaves rwsem_down_read_failed(),
and discards the list_head that is _still_ linked into the wake-up list
built in (4). This is permitted because the waiting flag has been

(9) The first CPU resumes processing, and then oopses because one of the
records linked into the wake-up list has now been reused for some other

You might be able to achieve much of the desired effect by only walking the
list once. If you look at __rwsem_do_wake(), you can see it walks the list
twice after the readers_only label. This is not really necessary. It could
adjust the rwsem counter after the second loop.

Actually, I'm not sure my algorithm is entirely safe either... it should
probably keep the refcount incremented on a task struct from before it's
queued in rwsem_down_failed_common() until after the wakeup() call in

If you do that, and move both the flag clearing and the wakeup() call outside
of the locked section, that will probably work.

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