Re: SATA support merge in 2.4.27

From: Marc-Christian Petersen
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 07:41:56 EST

On Friday 16 April 2004 14:37, John Bradford wrote:


> > > A valid point, but last time I checked, there were known exploits that
> > > had been fixed in 2.4 but not in 2.6.
> > maybe you should check again and report what you find because I for sure
> > can't think of any.

> I honestly don't have the time to go through the archives at the moment,
> and having been busy, I could well have missed any fixes that have gone in
> during the last couple of releases, but I am 99% sure that Alan identified
> a couple of local root exploits around 2.6.0 that had been fixed in 2.4 but
> never applied to 2.6.

well, last time I checked that (some weeks ago), also reading must-fix.txt,
all 2.4 security fixes are in 2.6 now too. IMHO we should update must-fix.txt
so it does not tell there are 60-70 security vulns not fixed yet.

ciao, Marc
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