Re: [PATCH] Bind Mount Extensions 0.04.1 3/5

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 17:13:31 EST

Herbert Poetzl <herbert@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> --- linux-2.6.4-20040314_2308/fs/ext2/xattr.c 2004-03-11 03:55:34.000000000 +0100
> +++ linux-2.6.4-20040314_2308-bme0.04.1/fs/ext2/xattr.c 2004-03-15 06:27:13.000000000 +0100
> @@ -496,7 +496,7 @@ ext2_xattr_set(struct inode *inode, int
> ea_idebug(inode, "name=%d.%s, value=%p, value_len=%ld",
> name_index, name, value, (long)value_len);
> - if (IS_RDONLY(inode))
> + if (IS_RDONLY_INODE(inode))

I do think that if we're going to do this thing it should have 100%
coverage, and not have little exceptions because the volume of changes got
too high.

The number of places where you need IS_RDONLY_INODE() are encouragingly
small. It appears that all we need to do to get rid of it is to propagate
the file* down through the ext2 and ext3 xattr code. A NULL value will
need to be permitted because ext2_new_inode doesn't have a file*, and we've
already performed the check.

Sure, it's a largeish patch but it is very safe: if it compiles, it works.

Could you please work that with Andreas?

IS_RDONLY_INODE() is also used in intermezzo, but that doesn't compile any
more anyway.
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