Re: BK/Web improvements (includes patch server)

From: Erik Andersen
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 06:43:50 EST

On Sun Mar 14, 2004 at 10:16:56PM -0800, Larry McVoy wrote:
> I've made a few changes to the BK/Web service on BK/Bits. There are some
> cosmetic changes but the substantial changes are as follows:
> - Traditional diff -Nur style patches served as text/plain. You can
> now wget your favorite patch.

Hey thats cool, I know I will use this often to slurp down
patches of interest.

<obligitory request for yet more stuff which is
almost certain to piss you off since you just
gave me yet-another-something-for-free>

I'm curious if you might consider adding a diff -Nur style
patch vs the last tagged version? I often go to:

to obtain this sortof a patch, for example when I want to submit
a patch that is relevant to the current kernel tree, rather than
1000 patches behind. Sadly, these are often rather out of touch
with reality. Check out for example the 2.4 one, which has been
stuck since March 8th. :-(

Right now I can go to, for example:|tags
and see the list of patches, and thanks to your latest update, I
can now click on each patch one-by-one to suck down a diff. I
would sure love to be able to obtain the lot as cumulative patch
of everything after the last tagged version.

I do not know if that is something you might consider, if doing
so suites your business model, if doing so would make
unreasonable demands on your donated bandwidth, cpu power, etc,
etc, etc. But such a thing would certainly come in handy, if you
felt so inclined.

Of course, an alternative solution would be for someone to fix
the testing/cset/ scripts to not get wedged...


Erik B. Andersen
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