Re: uml-patch-2.6.4-1

From: Peter Osterlund
Date: Sun Mar 14 2004 - 07:41:31 EST

Jeff Dike <jdike@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> This patch updates UML to 2.6.4. Besides the update, there were the following
> changes since the last patch:
> a bug which caused either a crash in the kernel or a BUG at exit.c:793
> was fixed
> a bug which caused a crash when a process tried to dump core was fixed
> the hang early in boot on GHz hosts is gone
> various other
> The 2.6.4-1 UML patch is available at

+ * Overrides for Emacs so that we follow Linus's tabbing style.
+ * Emacs will notice this stuff at the end of the file and automatically
+ * adjust the settings for this buffer only. This must remain at the end
+ * of the file.
+ * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
+ * Local variables:
+ * c-file-style: "linux"
+ * End:
+ */

I think it's cleaner to handle this in your .emacs file. Here is what
I use:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("/home/petero/kernel.*/.*\\.[ch]$" . linux-c-mode))

(defun linux-c-mode ()
"C mode with adjusted defaults for the Linux kernel."
(c-set-style "K&R")
(setq c-basic-offset 8))

This way it will work for all kernel files, not just the ones
containing special emacs comments.

Peter Osterlund - petero2@xxxxxxxxx
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