Re: finding out the value of HZ from userspace

From: John Reiser
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 14:38:09 EST

Arjan van de Ven wrote:
On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 15:17, Micha Feigin wrote:

Is it possible to find out what the kernel's notion of HZ is from user
It seem to change from system to system and between 2.4 (100 on i386)
to 2.6 (1000 on i386).

if you can see 1000 from userspace that is a bad kernel bug; can you say
where you find something in units of 1000 ?

create_elf_tables() in fs/binfmt_elf.c tells every ELF execve():
which can be found by crawling through the stack above the pointer
to the last environment variable.


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