Re: Dealing with swsusp vs. pmdisk

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sat Mar 13 2004 - 07:38:13 EST


> > I don't really like having two implementations of same code in
> > kernel. There are two ways to deal with it:
> >
> > * remove pmdisk from kernel
> > + its easy
> >
> > * remove swsusp from kernel, rename pmdisk to swsusp, fix all bugs
> > that were fixed in swsusp but not in pmdisk
> > + people seem to like pmdisk code more
> > - will need some testing in -mm series
> >
> > Which one do you prefer? I can do both...
> 2.6 is allegedly the stable kernel series, so if swsusp is the more
> stable code base at this point, my vote would be to keep swsusp and
> remove pmdisk from the kernel. If someone wants to maintain a
> separate BK-tree that contains pmdisk renamed to swsusp and fix all
> the bugs, that's great. On the other hand, there are a group of

I do not have time for that (and nobody else volunteered). Maintaining either
one is fine, but not both of them.

> So if we can somehow go from *three* idependent software suspend
> implementations implementations to something less than three, and
> increase the testing and effort devoting to remaining software suspend
> code bases, this would be a good thing.
> Pavel, what do you think of the swsusp2 patch, BTW? My biggest
> complaint about it is that since it's maintained outside of the
> kernel, it's constantly behind about 0.75 revisions behind the latest
> 2.6 release. The feature set of swsusp2, if they can ever get it
> completely bugfree(tm) is certainly impressive.

My biggest problem with swsusp2 is that it is big. Also last time I looked
it had some ugly hooks sprinkled all over the kernel. Then there are some
features I don't like (graphical screens with progress, escape-to-abort)
and ithasvariableslikethis. OTOH it supports highmem and smp.
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