[ANNOUNCE] udev 022 release

From: Greg KH
Date: Fri Mar 12 2004 - 19:08:47 EST

I've released the 022 version of udev. It can be found at:

rpms built against Red Hat FC2-test1 are available at:
with the source rpm at:

udev allows users to have a dynamic /dev and provides the ability to
have persistent device names. It uses sysfs and /sbin/hotplug and runs
entirely in userspace. It requires a 2.6 kernel with CONFIG_HOTPLUG
enabled to run. Please see the udev FAQ for any questions about it:

For any udev vs devfs questions anyone might have, please see:

There are a few minor bugfixes in this release, and a few new features.
Which pretty much seems to prove my "udev is mature" statement I made
for the last release :)

Oh, I'd like to thank OSDL for doing some preliminary speed tests (as
well as functionality tests) on udev. Unofficially it looks like it
only took 7 seconds extra to use udev to name 1000 scsi disks (and the
rule was calling out to scsi_id for every disk, and then parsing over
1000 rules.) Note that is 7 seconds extra to name _all_ of the disks at
once using the scsi_debug module. That's not too shabby at all.

Where are those "hotplug is too slow to do device naming" whiners now...

Major changes from the 021 version:
- lots of security audits in libsysfs and the remaining udev
- fixes for the foo-%c{N} type rules
- add foo-%c{N+} type rule option (see the manpage for info).
- allow node permissions to be specified in the rules file.
- more tests added to the test scripts
- number of other small fixes.

Again a big thanks to Kay Sievers for sending me patches faster than I
can integrate them. udev is a viable program due to his excellent work.

Thanks also to everyone else who has send me patches for this release, a
full list of everyone, and their changes is below.

udev development is done in a BitKeeper repository located at:

Daily snapshots of udev from the BitKeeper tree can be found at:
If anyone ever wants a tarball of the current bk tree, just email me.


greg k-h

Summary of changes from v021 to v022

o more Libsysfs updates
o Libsysfs updates

o fix HOWTO-udev_for_dev for udevdir

o udev-test.pl cleanup
o add dev node test to udev-test.pl
o add permission tests
o "symlink only" test
o callout part selector tweak
o cleanup callout fork
o allow to specify node permissions in the rule
o man page beauty
o put symlink only rules to the man page
o rename strn*() macros to strmax
o conditional remove of trailing sysfs whitespace
o clarify udevinfo text
o better fix for NAME="foo-%c{N}" gets a truncated name
o overall trivial trivial cleanup
o fix NAME="foo-%c{N}" gets a truncated name
o cleanup mult field string handling

o fix a type in docs/libsysfs.txt
o Added line to udev.permissions.redhat
o Include more examples in the docs area for gentoo and redhat

o udevstart fixes

Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o add big major tests to udev-test.pl
o add a test for a minor over 255
o udev-test.pl: print out major:minor and perm test "ok" if is ok
o make perm and major:minor test errors be reported properly
o remove extra ; in namedev_parse.c
o Added multipath-tools 0.1.1 release
o deleted current extras/multipath directory
o 021_bk mark
o fix the build for older versions of gcc
o 021 release TAG: v021

Hanna V. Linder:
o Small fix to remove extra "will" in man page

Olaf Hering:
o make spotless
o udev* segfaults with new klibc

Patrick Mansfield:
o add tests for NAME="foo-%c{N}"

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