RE: Kernel 2.6.3 patch for Intel Compiler 8.0

From: Nakajima, Jun
Date: Fri Mar 12 2004 - 17:32:07 EST

Ingo, Hi

We tried it (2.6.4) our side. As long as we tested, we did not need _any
changes_ to the kernel tree, and I guess what you are missing is a shell
script that calls icc converting the GCC specific options to Intel

Attached is the script. Just type "make CC=kicc" for example.

Can you be more specific about the issue with dec_and_lock.c?


> Hi Jun,
> the patch I submitted is for icc 8.0, i.e. I386 platform only.
> Did I understand your last message right that you even do not
> need a kernel patch for icc, i.e. I386?
> If so, then try to compile the 2.6.3 kernel using icc without
> applying my patch and see what happens if icc "tries" to compile
> hybrid code, i.e. mixed assembly and C statements....
> The current icc 8.0 (and also icc 7.0) makes FATAL mistakes
> compiling those mixings. Just check the object file that results
> from "dec_and_lock.c" in arch/i386/lib using a disassembler.
> Rgs, Ingo.

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