Re: target mode fibre channel

From: Dr. Greg Wettstein
Date: Fri Mar 12 2004 - 13:47:56 EST

On Mar 8, 12:41pm, Muthian Sivathanu wrote:
} Subject: target mode fibre channel

> Hi,

Good afternoon.

> Does linux have target mode support for fibre-channel
> ? i.e. can I have a linux machine fitted with a
> fibrechannel card accept and service fibrechannel
> requests from another host ?
> Basically, I want to construct a "RAID box" out of a
> linux machine fitted with fibrechannel. Other
> machines should be able to talk to this machine and
> treat this as a large disk volume.


We have been testing it extensively and have been very pleased.

> thanks for any pointers,
> Muthian

}-- End of excerpt from Muthian Sivathanu

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