Re: Abysmal network performance since 2.4.25 !!!!!...

From: Stefan Smietanowski
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 21:08:31 EST

psycosonic wrote:


I'm having some problems since i updated from kernel 2.4.24 to 2.4.25 .. it
seems that 2.4.25 has some real performance problems.
The problem is that i can't get the NIC's to work fine.. i don't know why, i've already used several kernel configurations..
i've also tried with patch2.4.25pre4 and... nothin' ...even used another switch 10/100mbit.. not even with patch-2.4.26pre2 it goes normal,
I've compiled the kernel in another computer, with too many different configurations, different hardware.. etc.. and the result is the same.
Some friends of mine are having the same problem.
Well.. with kernel 2.4.24 i usually had a max speed of 12Mb/s .. now , with 2.4.25 it only goes to 2,2Mb/s MAX speed. :(

If you're only seeing 12Mbit/s (b=bit, B=byte) already before
then there's something at play here with your network I'm afraid.

Replace the nics and you'll see the problems should go away.

I haven't seen any problems so far with my equipment.

Computer 1:

Pentium 3 @ 733Mhz
Board with SIS Chipset.
NIC's: SIS900 & Realtek 8139

My laptop has an 8139 and it works fine.

AMD XP 2600+
Board ASUS A7V8X-MX Chipset VIA KT400
NIC's: VIA Rhine

If you don't solve it I'll check with my Rhine.

Please gimme some answer ASAP.. i'm getting crazy :(

Start by getting it up to 100Mbit on the old kernel and then ask
for more help as 12Mbit/s points to other problems.

// Stefan
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