Re: [i386] 2.6.4 + cdrtools-2.01a27 REPORT

From: Damian Kolkowski
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 11:24:47 EST

* pinotj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <pinotj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2004-03-11 16:32]:
> I post this because I think it will maybe help some people that want to
> switch to a 2.6 and burn some CD quickly.

For me 2.6.x is useles, because freambuffer lack my radeon (rv25if), but
cdrtools is worth of use even in 2.6.x so amall question: why using 2.01a27
instead of 2.00.3?

I would like to compile gentoo in chroot but wondering witch kernel too use...

# Damian *dEiMoS* Kołkowski # #
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