Kernel panics on VIA motherboard with USB devices

From: Emm Vasilakis
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 08:01:28 EST

Hi all,

I'm trying to get my new machine to work with Linux, but I'm having some

Machine specs:
ASUS A7V600-X motherboard (KT600 & VIA 8237)
Athlon XP 2400+
WD 80G HD on primary IDE
TV-Tuner (bt848)
Initio UW-SCSI card
Nvidia Ti 4200 gfx card

I'm running gentoo linux, 2.4.25-pre kernel and the latest hotplug.

The mobo has a total of 4 USB ports 2.0 at the back. The problem lies at
the usb devices, and hotplug.

I have a usb bluetooth dongle connected, and a usb to serial adaptor.
This setup gets me to KDE ok, and everything works, including some usb
storage devices that I may plug during up-time.

But, if I try to restart hotplug, I get kernel oops. From there on,
pretty much everything will seg fault when I try to load it, I can not
login to a console, and when the machine tries to reboot, it hangs.
strace shows that apps hang when trying to access /dev/tty.

Similar problems exist even with kernel 2.6.4. I have tried the same usb
devices in 2 more similar PC's (with the same mobo), and all produce the
same error. When more usb devices are connected at boot, things can lead
to a total lockup during boot.

Anyone has any ideas what I can do about this? Are there any known
problems with VIA chips and linux? I have the results from ksymoops on
those oop'ses at home, if anyone is interested, I can send them.


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