[PATCH 0/3] Input patches

From: Dmitry Torokhov
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 02:43:41 EST


I have some more input patches I'd like you to take look at:

When disconnecting PS/2 mouse we marekd it as PSMOUSE_IGNORE too
early, before protocol's disconnect handler had a chance to run.
When mouse is in PSMOUSE_IGNORE state it ignores everything,
including ACKs, which causes cleanup routine to fail.

If touchpad does not support extended protocols (imps, exps) then
after probing foor said protocols trackpoint on the pass-though
port may stop working and full reset is needed to revive it
(just reset-disable is not enough).

If Synaptics' absolute mode is disabled (by proto= option) make
sure that touchpad is in relative mode and gestures (taps) are
enabled. We need specifically reset the mode byte as even full
reset does not affect it (except for absolute bit).

The patches depend on other input patches submitted earlier. All patches are
available at:

bk pull bk://dtor.bkbits.net/input

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