Re: [OT] Re: (0 == foo), rather than (foo == 0)

From: Stefan Smietanowski
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 18:50:53 EST


Why don't you read the whole thread. I'm not pushing any rules, and

I have and didn't reply before but I did now.

I've been replying "to the top" of emails on LKML for almost ten years.

Think about changing perhaps.

If your mailer wraps lines wrongly, that's the fault of your mailer. I haven't had problems with mixed up quoting. Not all software is created inferior.. I don't have to reply if someone else has already stated

If my mailer wraps it wrong I might consider it the fault of my mailer.
It doesn't however, but that's beside the point. Messed up quoting
due to long lines is common and there are no rules that you must use
perfect mailers.

what needed to be said. If you don't like my quote-above-reply, then filter my emails.

I thought of that actually ...

p.s. If you want to follow the 'rules' of RFC 1855, then there are several this list is 'breaking', this RFC is informational, a guide. Not law. Your message violates RFC 1855.

As you said, RFC 1855 is informational and this list has it's own
set of rules. And no, RFC 1855 is not the same as the list rules
as you point out.

Nobody has ever bothered writing an RFC about lkml :)

// Stefan
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