Re: [OT] Re: (0 == foo), rather than (foo == 0)

From: David Ford
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 14:30:20 EST

Richard B. Johnson wrote:

On Wed, 10 Mar 2004, David Ford wrote:


No. You can set your screen size to anything. If you have a very
high resolution screen, perhaps even 400 columns. If you are
sending mail to somebody, you need to make sure it fits on
their page, not your page.

And you have no idea what size screen they have. Some text users I know like to keep their screens at 60 chars so they can fit more terms on their desktop. Others have 100+ columns. Let the end user flow the text according to their own wishes.

Basic concept in good content presentation, you provide the content and style, let the reader render it according to their page characteristics. Don't try to force everyone into 640x480, 72 columns, or a particular text size.

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