Re: [PATCH] fix warning about duplicate 'const'

From: Paul Koning
Date: Wed Mar 10 2004 - 13:37:55 EST

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Haley <aph@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Andrew> Richard Henderson writes:
>> On Wed, Mar 10, 2004 at 07:43:10AM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote: >
>> Ok, let's try just stripping the "const" out of the min/max
>> macros, and > see what complains.
>> I remember what complains. You get actual errors from
>> const int x; int y; min(x, y);

Andrew> Can you explain *why* we have to produce a diagnostic for
Andrew> "const const int" by default?

Andrew> Can't we dispatch such things to "-pedantic" ?

I like that suggestion.


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