Re: disable partitioning!

From: Michael Clark
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 08:59:17 EST

On 03/09/04 20:13, Jinu M. wrote:

Hello Stefan.

We are writing a block device driver for 2.4.x kernel.
I want to know how to indicate to the filesystem that our block driver does not support partitions.
I mean fdisk should not be allowed on disks supported by our block driver.

You can run fdisk on a file if you want to, it doesn't care what type of
block device it is. What you're really asking for is a way to make the
kernel not read the partition table if it exists on the device and
that's something else.

So then how do I stop kernel from reading the partition table?

I believe you can do this by passing 1 as the number of minors
in your call to alloc_disk(int num_minors).

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