Re: [PATCH] fix warning about duplicate 'const'

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 19:13:46 EST

Thomas Schlichter <thomas.schlichter@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
> attached is a patch which fixes following wanings:
> drivers/ide/ide-tape.c: In function `idetape_setup':
> drivers/ide/ide-tape.c:4701: Warnung: duplicate `const'
> drivers/video/matrox/matroxfb_g450.c: In function `g450_compute_bwlevel':
> drivers/video/matrox/matroxfb_g450.c:129: Warnung: duplicate `const'
> drivers/video/matrox/matroxfb_g450.c:130: Warnung: duplicate `const'
> drivers/video/matrox/matroxfb_maven.c: In function `maven_compute_bwlevel':
> drivers/video/matrox/matroxfb_maven.c:347: Warnung: duplicate `const'
> drivers/video/matrox/matroxfb_maven.c:348: Warnung: duplicate `const'
> This is done by removing the 'const' from the temporary variables of the min()
> and max() macros. For me it seems to have no negative impact, so please
> consider applying...

I think there was a reason for those consts in kernel.h's min() and max()
macros, but memory fails me. Linus, do you recall?

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