Re: fsb of older cpu

From: Bjoern Schmidt
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 16:59:20 EST

Stefan Smietanowski schrieb:
I'm no expert on the subject but as I recall the processor sets the
internal clock (derived from fsb+multiplier) on startup so no matter
what you do do the running cpu it won't change it.

I think there must be a way. In the BIOS there ist an option "half processor
clock it is in idle". One time i have seen in /proc/cpuinfo" that the clock
was at ~118MHz, but that is 6 Month ago and i have this never seen again...
The problem is that with activated acpi the passive cooling does not seem to work although the cpu is very often in C2 and throttling mode is at 8. C1 is called extrem rarely (~1000 times per day), even if the system is under heavy
load for a long time. I believe that C2 is not really supported by the cpu.

Bjoern Schmidt

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