Re: kernel 'simulator' and wave-form analysis tool?

From: Timothy Miller
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 11:22:59 EST

Mike Fedyk wrote:
John Bradford wrote:

I must have been unclear. I was not suggesting adding hardware. I was suggesting that we could run Linux under Bochs, which is a software x86 emulator. Being what it is, hooks can be added to track "cpu activity" is it occurs within the emulator. This is all a simulation. The key idea I was suggesting was to log processor activity (of the emulator) and develop a viewer program which would help people visualize the activity.

Doesn't Valgrind already do most of what you want?

Can you valgrind a UML process?

Tim, what will this give you that a stack trace won't?

If your stack gets hosed by a bug, a simulator with a complete history of memory writes will help you discover the problem.

I know nothing about Valgrind.

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