Re: Intel ICH5 APIC, ACPI problems in 2.4

From: Henning P. Schmiedehausen
Date: Wed Aug 13 2003 - 03:37:47 EST

Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>I have a couple uniprocessor ICH5 systems from different vendors, with
>similar behavior:

>2.6: HyperThreading works, ACPI works, all irqs properly routed

>2.4: HT works only works with ACPI enabled, but,
> ACPI kills the irq routing for the external PCI slots.
> pci=noacpi or whatever doesn't work. !CONFIG_ACPI + "noapic"
> fixes irq routing, but then no HT sibling appears.

To give a datapoint:

ICH5 works like a breeze with RH 2.4.20-19.9 kernel:

% lspci -vt

-[00]-+-00.0 Intel Corp. 82865G [Springdale-G] Chipset Host Bridge
+-1f.1 Intel Corp. 82801EB ICH5 IDE

% cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i genuine | wc -l

% dmesg
Linux version 2.4.20-19.9smp (bhcompile@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) (gcc version 3.2.2 20030222 (Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5)) #1 SMP Tue Jul 15 17:04:18 EDT 2003
ACPI: Searched entire block, no RSDP was found.
ACPI: RSDP located at physical address c00f5b40
ACPI table found: RSDT v1 [INTEL D865PERL 8195.1813]
ACPI table found: FACP v2 [INTEL D865PERL 8195.1813]
ACPI table found: APIC v1 [INTEL D865PERL 8195.1813]
LAPIC (acpi_id[0x0001] id[0x0] enabled[1])
CPU 0 (0x0000) enabledProcessor #0 Pentium 4(tm) XEON(tm) APIC version 16
LAPIC_NMI (acpi_id[0x0001] polarity[0x0] trigger[0x0] lint[0x1])
LAPIC (acpi_id[0x0002] id[0x1] enabled[1])
CPU 1 (0x0100) enabledProcessor #1 Pentium 4(tm) XEON(tm) APIC version 16

This is an intel 865 PERLK desktop board with a 2,6 GHz HT CPU. Even
the ICH5 serial ATA works which really had me impressed:

ICH5-SATA: IDE controller at PCI slot 00:1f.2
ICH5-SATA: chipset revision 2
ICH5-SATA: 100% native mode on irq 18
ide2: BM-DMA at 0xdc00-0xdc07, BIOS settings: hde:DMA, hdf:pio
ide3: BM-DMA at 0xdc08-0xdc0f, BIOS settings: hdg:pio, hdh:pio
hde: Maxtor 6Y120M0, ATA DISK drive
hde: attached ide-disk driver.
hde: host protected area => 1
hde: 240121728 sectors (122942 MB) w/7936KiB Cache, CHS=238216/16/63, UDMA(33)

(The UDMA(33) seems to be a lie, I can read ~ 57 MBytes/sec from this disk).

So there might be some patches in the RH kernel, that are missing from


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