Re: How is info->cmap supposed to work?

From: James Simmons (
Date: Thu Jul 24 2003 - 19:04:48 EST

> Hi James,
> I have few problems with understanding how
> info->cmap is supposed to work:

> (1) FBIOGETCMAP calls fb_copy_cmap(&info->cmap, &cmap, 0);
> Should not it use last argument of '2', as &cmap points
> to the userspace? It looks to me like that anybody can
> overwrite kernel currently... Only positive side is that
> there is no way to control info->cmap contents (see (2)),
> so you can only crash kernel with random code, you cannot
> stuff some malicious code there.

I think I posted something about that some time ago and I didn't here
anything. Looking at the code I realized that yeap its broke. Its strange
that both fb_set_cmap and fb_copy_cmap can get data from userland. I would
think that we either have fb_set_cmap just set the video hardware or
have fb_set_cmap be able to grab data from userland and fb_copy_cmap send
data to userland.

> (2) FBIOPUTCMAP calls fb_set_cmap, which in turn calls
> fb_setcolreg.


> FBIOGETCMAP copies cmap entries from
> info->cmap (after fixing (1)). Does it mean that
> fb_setcolreg has to fill info->cmap itself?

No. At present all the drivers initialize a default cmap. Then it
doesn't matter which function gets called first.

> Is not it
> a bit ugly? And fb_set_cmap documentation is incorrect:
> kspc == 0 means copy from userspace, while
> kspc != 0 means copy "local", inside kernel-space. Documentation
> says that 0 is local, while 1 is get_user.

:-( I have to look to see if that has been around for a while. I have a
feeling it has been.

> (3) And who is supposed to initialize info->cmap, and to
> what value? It looks to me like that fbdev driver is
> supposed to do:
> memset(&info->cmap, 0, sizeof(info->cmap));
> fb_alloc_cmap(&info->cmap, 256, 1);
> Is it right? What about fb_init_cmap() then? And why
> fbdev has to play with info->cmap, cannot generic
> layer take a care of this, if all info->cmap accesses
> go through generic layer, and fbdev driver itself has
> no need for this field?

The reason for the driver initalizing the default cmap is because
we don't know how big the actual colormap will be. I don't know if
the generic method of setting to color map to 2^bpp until above 8 bpp
mode in which case we only set 16 colors will always work. Perhaps we
could just set the cmap.len field and have the upper layer just generate
from that.

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