Re: [OT] Re: Troll Tech [was Re: Sco vs. IBM]

From: Henning P. Schmiedehausen (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 11:13:26 EST

Geert Uytterhoeven <> writes:

>> Or you can fix your software so it just works. If you don't, you are
>> leaving the door open for someone else to demonstrate how their software
>> has a lower cost of ownership than yours.

>IC, that's why everybody is replacing sendmail by exchange ;-)

While I can see the sarcasm in your argument; Yes, That's exactly the
point. Exchange _looks_ easier to use than the usual
[[sendmail|postfix|qmail] + [cyrus|imapd|qpopper] | courier]
combo. Well, as they say: "Looks can deceive...".


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