Re: problems patching XFS against current benh

Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 08:31:33 EST

> mark_page_accessed is exported in both ksyms.c and filemap.c, both XFS
> and benh add that export. Remove one of the EXPORT_SYMBOL(mark_page_accessed).

at first i didn't get what you meant, but then i realised, "oh, he means
only in one file should the EXPORT_SYMBOL(foo) should be mentioned".
someone on an IRC channel had mentioned that...

>> number 1 is from benh, and number 2 is from XFS. i need both - benh's for some drivers for my hardware, and XFS
>> because most of my FSes are XFS.

> The sysctl numbers have nothing to do with the compile error. Pick
> another number for one of the conflicting sysctls.

ok, cool, thanks. i wasn't sure if my changing the stsctl number was
causing it, so i had left it at 14 the second ? third ? time around...

thanks all,
(feeling really dumb ATM)

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