Re: 2.5.72: system unusable during upload to slow nfs-server

From: Andrew Morton (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 02:04:00 EST

Jurriaan <> wrote:
> I rsync some directories to a nfs-mount on a very large harddisk on a
> non-udma system. This system can read/write data at about 3-4 megabyte
> per second.
> If I rsync in 2.4, all happens as you'd expect: the update doesn't go
> fast, but the interactivity of the kernel is good while it's running.
> In 2.5.7x, it runs really fast for a while (rsync mentions 30 mb/s), and
> after a while slows down. Then, a mutt-session on another console lags
> about 10-30 seconds when you press a key. top gives 98% IO-wait.

Please send a `vmstat 1' trace, and the contents of /proc/vmstat
taken when the thing is being sluggish.
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