auotoirq_{setup,report} unused and obsolete?

From: Samium Gromoff (
Date: Mon Jun 23 2003 - 00:43:47 EST

        Given that hardware probing should now be performed with probe_irq_{on,off} and
the following:

        deepfire@betelheise:/usr/src/grp.KERNEL/72-bk1$ grep autoirq_ . -rI
        ./arch/m68k/kernel/entry.S: movel %a0@(autoirq_list-VECOFF(VEC_SPUR)),%a0
        ./drivers/net/eepro.c: cards, I will do autoirq_request() to grab the next
        ./drivers/net/auto_irq.c: To use this, first call autoirq_setup(timeout). TIMEOUT is how many
        ./drivers/net/auto_irq.c: and can usually be zero at boot. 'autoirq_setup()' returns the
        ./drivers/net/auto_irq.c: Finally call autoirq_report(TIMEOUT) to find out which IRQ line
        ./drivers/net/auto_irq.c:void autoirq_setup(int waittime)
        ./drivers/net/auto_irq.c:int autoirq_report(int waittime)
        grep: ./drivers/input/joystick/grip_mp.c: Permission denied
        grep: ./include/video/neomagic.h: Permission denied

i.e. its totally unused, shouldn`t it be finally dead?

regards, Samium Gromoff
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