Redhat 2.4.20 kernel problems

From: Jay Denebeim (
Date: Sun Jun 22 2003 - 01:55:35 EST

In case anyone is still interested, I finally got around to trying a 2.4.20 version. No problem. So it's not in the kernel
tree. I compiled it using the /boot/config-2.4.20(whatever) that
Redhat shipped, so it's not a module/option issue. The kernel was
signifigantly smaller than the redhat one as well by several hundred

The problem was this, under the redhat kernel shipped on CD for redhat
9 and updated for redhat 8 my SO's computer locks up when she moves
her mouse after booting. It's a USB mouse. The system just freezes.

I haven't seen an Ooops or anything like that. The syslog is
forwarded over tcp to my system, so I may see it even with the lock

I assume the problem is a lost interrupt or something along that line,
but this is just a gut feeling.

How should I contact redhat about this issue? It's going to be a
problem upgrading her system if she can't run a stock kernel. I tried
writing a friend of mine at Redhat Erik Troan, but his old redhat
address doesn't work any more.


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