[ANNOUNCE]: megaraid 1.18i driver

From: Mukker, Atul (atulm@lsil.com)
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 13:54:23 EST


1.18 series of the driver has been upgraded to 1.18i. This driver has fixes
for management applications not working with stock 1.18f driver. Other
changes are: Kernel would panic if 2.00.x megaraid driver is loaded on top
of 1.18h or previous drivers. This was because of a bug in older drivers
which were not reserving the controller's memory region.

This driver also incorporates the important changes made 1.18g and 1.18h
driver for firmware handshake. The driver and the patch for 1.18f driver can
be downloaded at:


-Atul Mukker <atulm@lsil.com>
LSI Logic Corporation
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