Re: xircom card bus with 2.4.20 link trouble

From: Arnaud Ligot (
Date: Fri Jun 20 2003 - 09:28:27 EST

Le ven 20/06/2003 à 16:11, Mike Dresser a écrit :
>> bla bla bla...
> Mine doesn't work either, I have a RBEM56G-100.
> Bought this off ebay for quite cheap to replace my REM56G-100.
> It detects it, etc etc, but never actually works.
> I put the REM56G-100 back in, insmod'd the driver, and back in business.
I have a CEM56-100

> I haven't tried a 2.5.x kernel, nor a 2.4.21(it's on my list of things to
> do)
the card works with 2.4.20 nice and works if you set an ip address with
the 2.4.21

> I was using the xircom_cb driver though. The xircom_tulip_cb didn't work
> either.
I use the xirc2ps_cs module. I haven't force cardmgr to use so I think
it's the good module for the card

Arnaud Ligot <>

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