What's wrong with console_loglevel?

From: Jan Spitalnik (Volny) (spity@volny.cz)
Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 23:08:38 EST


I'm using 2.5.72, BK pull from today evening.
And there's something rotten as I set console_loglevel
with 'dmesg -n 3' (kernel.h(37): #define KERN_ERR "<3>")
and for example when I do 'modprobe e100' it prints
its banner into console even though I have configure syslog
no to do so. I've checked the log level of those messages
and they use (e100_main.c(685)) KERN_NOTICE, which should
be log level 7. So why does kernel print messages with
lower prio than I had permited? Was there some change
I'm unaware of that somehow changed semantics how this works?

Kind regards,
		Jan Spitalnik

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