Now that the 0 Penguin doesn't work for Microsoft

From: Rick A. Hohensee (
Date: Thu Jun 19 2003 - 02:44:45 EST

Now that the 0 Penguin doesn't work for TransMicrosoft perhaps Linux can
develop a wholesome interest in end-users. cLIeNUX is still on my webpage,
and still on this box, all by itself, along with my Ha3sm-in-kernel and so
on. But I don't usually boot to that. Hmmm, my webpage is unreachable.
Speaking of this box, cLIeNUX 0...

:; cLIeNUX /dev/tty10 02:55:14 /
:;d -d */
Ha3sm/ configure/ enth04/ help/ owner/ suite/
boot/ dev/ floppy/ log/ source/ temp/
command/ device/ guest/ mount/ subroutine/
:; cLIeNUX /dev/tty10 02:55:20 /

I wonder why Torvalds left. How long would it take one guy to port 1.2.13
to osimplay, anyway?

Rick Hohensee

Ha3sm Viralinux II asmacs shasm osimplay cLIeNUX kspamd pasties
PASSM syslib.a "man C" eforthl upForth Dotted Standard File Hierarchy
edcL BashcL etc. etc.

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