Re: DVB updates, 3rd try

From: Linus Torvalds (
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 10:58:43 EST

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003, Michael Hunold wrote:
> again I hope to get the CVS "dvb-kernel" driver in
> sync with the latest 2.5 kernel.
> The main project page is
> It's a patchset of 10 patches -- due to the size of some of the
> patches, I don't post them on the list again.

I don't go out to fetch patches, I really want to see them come to me (and
even then preferably through a few people acting as quality control and

And if there is no clear maintainership relationship and you need to send
them directly to me, I really want plain-text patches (they can be big if
needed), with:

 - one patch per email. Not attachements, and not several patches in one
   email one after the other. Several emails, with one patch each, and if
   they are interdependent, make the subject line be something like

        [DVB PATCH 1/9] Replace frobutomic counter with sequence numbers

   so that when they get re-ordered by the email system (as they
   inevitably will be), I can see it from the overview.

   The "[xxx]" syntax is important: my scripts will automatically strip
   that part out and replace it with "PATCH", leaving the commit message
   as just

        [PATCH] Replace frobutomic counter with sequence numbers

   since once it's in the tree, the ordering is implicit in the SC.

 - explanation of the patch for the changelogs at the top of the patch, so
   that I don't have to make up my own explanations for what it does and
   get it wrong.

 - Make sure your mailer doesn't corrupt the message with whitespace
   damage (spaces at ends of lines should remain, and tabs should be
   tabs), or with stupidities like 7-bit quoted-printable crap.



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