Re: 2.5.70 module autoloading problem

From: Nagy Gabor (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 19:33:14 EST

On 03-Jun-06 16:17, Nagy Gabor wrote:
> Hi!
> I wanted to test 2.5, and so I did with 2.5.67 first, then with 2.5.70
> I have installed the module-init-tools 0.9.11-1 debian package, and now
> some of my modules work automatically under 2.5 too, others don't get
> autoloaded.
> I don't know if this is a bug in the kernel (kmod), or just something has
> changed so much without warning, that it breaks other things.

I have changed kmod.c to print every module name it tries to load.
I noted that it tried to load char-major-10-1 (psaux), and isofs, and
that kmod did not print the message when accessing /dev/input/mousr

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