Re: 2.5.71 compile error on alpha

From: Christian Kujau (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 17:27:52 EST

Måns Rullgård schrieb:
>>lila:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo
>>kernel unaligned acc : 32 (pc=fffffc0000478394,va=fffffc0002dbf176)
> That's not good. Do you know what is causing it.

i did not even know that this one is bad. the only weird thing which
comes into my mind when thinking about this alpha is: it is filled up
whith fine 128 MB RAM -- but it is only seeing 64 MB. when we inserted
64 MB RAM, only 32 MB are recognized. with 32 MB working with it was no
fun, working with 64 MB is quite good. must be the type of RAM but i
don't really know much about the different RAM types.

> Good, what's it like performance-wise? 2.5.68 had trouble with my IDE
> disks, and I wonder if it's been fixed since.

can't tell about IDE, since it has only scsi in it. i used to run
benchmarks (tiobench) on the alpha, with different loop-mounted
filesystems, but the alpha has been frozen very often during these
benchmarks...will redo with 2.5.72 later.


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