Re: IPSEC problems with GRE.

From: James Morris (
Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 04:20:58 EST

On 16 Jun 2003, Julian Blake Kongslie wrote:

> Specifically, attempts to encrypt a GRE or IPIP tunnel with ipsec in
> transport mode result in one of:
> 1) No data sent.
> 2) Data sent, ignored by peer.
> 3) Kernel panic, with no SysRq.
> Numbers 1 and 2 might be configuration problems on my part, but I have
> other ipsec setups running fine, and can't see anything different for
> these. Number 3 is a big problem.
> This is on 2.5.70. No third-party modules or other tainting. I can
> provide .configs on request.
> I don't have the panic copied down, but I can reproduce it and get a
> copy if required.

Please post the oops (preferrably to the netdev mailing list).

Also, which system panics, and what direction is the traffic when this
happens? (i.e. is it happening during tunnel encapsulation or

- James

James Morris

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