[RESEND] Giant oopses and crash at boot with 2.4.21-ac

From: Henrik Persson (nix@syndicalist.net)
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 15:55:42 EST


When trying to boot 2.4.21-ac1 (and 2.4.21-rc8-ac1 too, actually) the
kernel starts oopsing for a few minutes with infinite loops of call traces
and since it won't log anything to the disc at this point and the fact
that I'm unable to attach a serial console to my Acer Aspire 1300XV I
don't really know what's wrong.. I think it started with the cpufreq
updates, but even if they're disabled it will kaboom on boot. Strange.

2.4.21 with about the same things compiled in boots normally.

Hope this info will do some good.. .config and lspci output attached.

Henrik Persson  nix@syndicalist.net  http://nix.badanka.com

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