[PATCH] hptraid v0.02 raid 0+1 support

From: Wilfried Weissmann (Wilfried.Weissmann@gmx.at)
Date: Mon Jun 16 2003 - 12:55:56 EST


This release fixes some bugs and adds support for raid 0+1. I have also
done some minor code clean-ups.

Changelog since 0.01-ww1:
* correct values of raid-1 superbock
* check for availability of all disks
* fixup for raid-1 disknumbering
* do _NOT_ align size to 255*63 boundary
* raid 0+1 support
* bump version number
* release no more devices than available on unload
* remove static variables in raid-1 read path

I raid 1 and raid 0+1 does not provide support for redundancy. It just
adds a compatibility layer to support the HPT37X raid volumes.
As far as I can tell, the new raid 0+1 implementation of the HPT374
(BIOS 3.X) is not supported. The same controller also has raid 5. But
due to lack of hardware I cannot implement these (Unless I can persuade
a friend of mine to trash his windows installation.).

Any comments are welcome...


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