tbench as a load - DDOS attack?

From: Con Kolivas (kernel@kolivas.org)
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 18:07:25 EST

Zwane M suggested using tbench as a load to test one of his recent patches and
gave me the idea to try using tbench_load in contest. Here are the first set
of results I got while running tbench 4 continuously (uniprocessor machine):

Kernel [runs] Time CPU%
test2420 1 180 38.9
test2561 1 970 7.7

This is a massive difference. Sure tbench was giving better numbers on 2.5.61
but it caused a massive slowdown. I wondered whether this translates into
being more susceptible to ping floods or DDOS attacks? You should have seen
tbench 16 - 3546 seconds!

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