ALSA broken in 2.5.61

From: Martin Josefsson (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 17:18:16 EST


I'm trying to use ALSA with my old sb16 in 2.5.61 and it sounds like
hell :) worked fine in 2.5.58.

When trying to use OSS emulation it almost sounds like playing a c64
tape at half speed and the mp3player chews through the song in a few
seconds and I hardly see any interrupts beeing generated for the sb16 in
/proc/interrupts. I see about 1 irq per 2 seconds.

When using native ALSA for playback it sounds almost ok but it's very
choppy, sounds like it skips ahead 0.5-1 seconds every 2 seconds or so.
Forgot to check the interruptrate when trying this.

I've reverted to OSS right now and it sounds great :)

I saw that you've made some rather large changes that went in somewhere
after 2.5.58... Do you have any idea to what might cause this?


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