Re: openbkweb-0.0

From: Nicolas Mailhot (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 14:12:22 EST

> if you guys can't come to some sort of consensus, then patents are the
> route we'll choose, even German law respects patents.

Software is not patentable in Europe right now, much as it pisses of the
patent office of the US of A (because it lowers the value of what they
offer) and the EU patent offices (for much the same reasons).

Note that won't stop EU patent offices granting (and being paid for)
software patents *now* for people that hope they'll be worth something

Please do not go the software patent route. If you think the current bk
debate stinks, just wait till you put your finger in another hot
issue (which software patents *are* in Europe, 'cos lots of people don't
want the EU to follows the same braindamaged path as the USA).

You'll just shoot yourself in the foot. The shortcomings of CVS didn't
spurn any serious free alternative for years, this won't change any time
soon unless you start waving a red flag in front of everyone. Just
provide any sort of CVS gateway, and most people will go back hacking

You did know creating bk would be an incentive for others to write
similar free tools didn't you ? All patents/NDAs/legal threats won't
change this fact. They'll only wipe out all the genuine goodwill you
earned in the community by helping Linus. Just look at the latest
messages, by invoquing all the stupid american legalese you've only
managed to startle people in other parts of the world.

Right now inertia is your friend. Be smart and stop making a fuss.


Nicolas Mailhot

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