[2.5] EHCI HID keyboard not unloaded at reboot time ?

From: Nicolas Mailhot (Nicolas.Mailhot@laPoste.net)
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 11:03:00 EST

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        This is a question related to :

        Basically I have a usb keyboard plugged on an external USB2 hub. Using
a monolithic ehci/hid kernel I can get it to work in 2.5. It's also used
in usb1 mode by the bios and the bootloader.

        However when I shut down or reboot from 2.5, I loose keyboard support
in the bios/bootloader/linux 2.4 (used to loose it in linux 2.5 also but
recent ehci enhancements enable 2.5 to recover it). Nothing short of a
PSU stop (neither reset nor stop button works) will recover it.

        What happens is the usb subsystem is somehow not unloaded at
shutdown/reboot time. The bios and linux 2.4 then find a usb subsystem
already setup in usb2 mode, and since they only know usb1 handling, they
are unable to recover usb devices. This is a pain when you have like me
an usb-only input setup. It means crawling under the desk every shutdown
time to reach the PSU power button, and feel the hardware aging
prematurely (and I'm lucky to *have* a PSU power button, I imagine some
other poor souls may have to unplug it to get the same effect).

        I say the usb subsystem is somehow not unloaded because
1. when I request a shutdown the keyboard is still active after the
Power Down message (this mobo wants acpi to shutdown properly so this
is easy to check with a acpi-less kernel)
2. I sprinkled the ehci unloading function whith printks some time ago
and it was never called.
3. the usb2 hub has a led to show if it's in usb1 or usb2 mode, and it
stays on after the reboot (when cold-booting in uhci 2.4 it stays of)

        Now I'm wondering if someone didn't decided at some time that
shutdown=suspend and input devices should stay on in suspend mode so
people can resume their system, ie maybe it's a design mistake instead
of a simple bug.

        Can anyone shed some light/advice on this problem ? It's driving me


Nicolas Mailhot

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