Re: [PATCH] CFQ scheduler, #2

From: Mike Galbraith (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 05:00:28 EST

At 03:19 PM 2/14/2003 +0100, Jens Axboe wrote:


>The version posted the other day did fair queueing of requests between
>processes, but it did not help to provide fair request allocation. This
>version does that too, results are rather remarkable. In addition, the
>following changes were made:
>- Fix lost request problem with rbtree aliasing. The default io
> scheduler in 2.5.60 has the same bug, a fix has been sent separetely
> to Linus that addresses this.
>- Add front merging.
>- Missing queue_lock grab in get_request_wait() before checking request
> list count. Again, a generic kernel bug. A patch will be sent to Linus
> to address that as well.

I gave this a burn, and under hefty load it seems to provide a bit of
anti-thrash benefit.

i(dang, wish I had pine/vi for winders box)log data attached


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