Re: [PATCH][RFC] Proposal for a new watchdog interface using sysfs

From: John Bradford (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 04:13:56 EST

> } > The watchdog infrastructure would just show what ever integer the driver
> } > provides via the watchdog_ops.get_temperature() function pointer, so it
> } > would be up to the driver developer to decide if the data is really
> } > Fahrenheit or whatever.
> }
> } We do need to be sure they all agree about it however 8)
> Just to make sure no-one is happy except physicists, I suggest
> Kelvin.

Degrees C is the best choice, because the range of values that fit in
to a signed int is then useful (-127 -> 128). Storing as K or F means
that you can't store a useful range in a single byte.

> I also suggest we spell disk/disc as "disck".

Magnetic media -> disk
Optical media -> disc
Combination media, (magneto-optical) -> disk

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