Re: 2.5.61-mm1

From: Nick Piggin (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 02:25:38 EST

Andrew Morton wrote:

>. Jens has fixed the request queue aliasing problem and we are no longer
> able to break the IO scheduler. This was preventing the OSDL team from
> running dbt2 against recent kernels, so hopefully that is all fixed up now.
>. The anticipatory scheduler is performing well. I've included that now.
And for those interested, if you find unusual IO performance,
please try disabling AS and reporting results. Thanks.

echo 0 > /sys/block/?/iosched/antic_expire

This value defaults to 10 (ms). More than around 20 might do
funny though not harmful stuff due to a fragile bitshift.


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