Re: [PATCH] percpu load avererages / *real* load averages

From: Martin J. Bligh (
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 15:01:11 EST

> Probably needs some tidying up before it's mergeable, but I like it.
> Is useful as is, so I thought other people might want to look at it and
> give me feedback. Based very loosely on a earlier patch by Andrew Theurer
> that gave nr_running per cpu, but I wanted to see load averages. This is
> extremely useful for looking at scheduler rebalancing problems.
> I think we should be basing the scheduler rebalance calculations off load
> averages, rather than a couple of sample points - I'll create a patch to
> do this sometime soon.

Oh, by tidying up, I mean this should probably be done in the per-cpu
areas, from the scheduler tick, lockless, and we shouldn't bother keeping
the global one - just derive it at read time. That'd make it might lighter
weight, but I just wanted a quick hack to see what was going on ;-)


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