Re: Kexec, DMA, and SMP

From: Corey Minyard (
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 13:23:21 EST

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Werner Almesberger wrote:

|Corey Minyard wrote:
|>Yes, we were talking about temporary stopgaps.
|Yes, that's what Suparna and Eric were discussing :-)
|>But, I had another idea. What about using power management? If you
|>suspended everything, would that be good enough. I looked at a few
|>drivers, and it seemed so.
|As long as you don't need any form of synchronization to power
|down a device, and if it comes up silent (i.e. no "sleep" mode,
|in which it still has enough power to remember DMA lists and
|such), that would work.
|I'd suspect that power management requiries you to synchronize,
|so we're back to square one.

Yes, some do and some don't. You could define a new state for the
"suspend" call that says "just shut down with no locks". But the
infrastructure is already in the PCI code and others to do a suspend,
you could use that and take it out of all the CONFIG_PM ifdefs.

- -Corey
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