Re: 3Com 3cr990 driver release

From: Alan Cox (
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 12:23:35 EST

On Fri, 2003-02-14 at 16:09, Larry McVoy wrote:
> > Since I work for a company who works on competing version control products I'm
> > not allowed to use bitkeeper. Since his patches are only in bitkeeper format
> > I can't read them.
> Sure you can, unless your objection extends to getting at data which is in
> BK over the web.
> And you have options beyond that. Perhaps it has escaped your notice that
> Dave M and others who are also employed by Red Hat are (happily?) using
> BK and we haven't kicked up a fuss.

Since Red Hat works on CVS I wonder if they are breaking the license or
not. However thats not relevant right now. If I get stuff in .doc format
that I can't read I ask people to resend it in a format I can, ditto
bitkeeper or any other randomly weird VC file.

And no I don't want to use bitkeeper any more, your ever changing
licenses and removals of more and more rights have reminded me why
many proprietary vendors just cannot be trusted and why format lockin
is so dangerous.

You are turning a simple "can I have that in a format I can read" into
yet another epic bitkeeper flame war.


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