[PATCH] EISA/sysfs update

From: Marc Zyngier (mzyngier@freesurf.fr)
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 05:16:24 EST

James, LKML,

Here is the latest round of EISA/sysfs hacking.

>From the changelog :

# EISA/sysfs update.
# - Separate bus root code from generic code.
# - Add driver for i82375 PCI/EISA bridge.
# - Hacked parisc eisa driver so it can act as a root device.
# - Add driver for so-called virtual root (for bridge-less systems).
# - Allow multiple roots.

I tested it on alpha (AS1000-4/200 and Jensen) and parisc (C100). The
parisc part really needs more work (I don't like the double probing at
all), but at least it is now useable.

I'd be happy to read any comment about this code.



Places change, faces change. Life is so very strange.

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