[fix 2.5] fix sis900 <-> Crossfire 8720 (switch) auto-negotiation, please test

From: Rune (runner@mail.tele.dk)
Date: Thu Feb 13 2003 - 18:58:01 EST

by accident I discovered a fix for auto-negotiation on the sis-900.

in sis900_open(), sis900_check_mode() looks redundant, and when removing it
auto-negotiation works for sis900 and Crossfire 8720 (perhaps others).

I have tested it, but I have no ideas if there is any side effects,
so please test this on non-Crossfire setups.

the patch is made against 2.5.60-bk2 but this code havent changed for a long
for some reason this has no effect on kernel 2.4...

Rune Petersen

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